New Application

▼ Huatu Shi metal exterior system from the material, shape, seam, installation system to color, surface treatment for the architect to provide a wealth of choice, with excellent design freedom. Chinese way


Shi Cheng system development of external wall products, including the integration of the windows and doors system structure, through the appearance of the system and the internal structure of a comprehensive assessment, the architect can make the best set


Plan. High-quality exterior products protect buildings from harsh weather and noise, greatly improving the use of buildings and comfort, enhance the external beauty of the building.


▼ designer's ideas always continue to promote the progress of products in the way, Hua Road research and development, including color-resistant coating, curved metal ceiling and super-flat composite panels. Metal hanging


Top of the surface treatment set decorative


▼ and spraying equipment can provide a free surface treatment program, combined with the system can also meet the insulation, sound absorption, antibacterial, fire and other functions, to achieve the perfect equipment and equipment




Ceiling system gives customers the best comfort and functionality:


◆ A variety of composite and single-layer material to choose from


◆ rich colors and surface treatment of different architectural styles


◆ Mature installation system to ensure building safety


◆ a variety of joint forms to meet the different design needs


◆ provide door, window, outside the shade integration solution


◆ excellent weather resistance, insulation, ventilation and fire performance

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