About Us
Group Introduction

Guangdong Hua Tou Shi Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Zhaoqing Dawang state-level high-tech development zone, location and convenient transportation. Plant covers an area of ??55,000 square meters, construction area of ??35,000 square meters. The factory environment is elegant, the factory is spacious, the office building is modern and comfortable.
Our company specializes in the research and manufacture of metal building decoration materials. It is a well-known enterprise integrating design, research and development, sales, installation and technical service. It is a professional solution for providing customers with wall system, ceiling ceiling system and roof system.

The company's production of "Huatou Shi" brand products include: used in the wall system of indoor and outdoor curtain wall aluminum veneer, imitation stone, wood grain aluminum veneer, ceramic lacquered veneer, etc .; used in ceiling ceiling system Aluminum ceiling, including hooks aluminum ceiling, Yuantong, Fang Tong, hanging films, buckles, grille, etc., and galvanized sheet ceilings; used in the roof system of high vertical series of aluminum magnesium manganese plate, Zinc plate. The company also produces metal honeycomb panels which can be used in the above systems simultaneously include aluminum honeycomb panels, alumina honeycomb panels, titanium zinc honeycomb panels, copper honeycomb panels, stone honeycomb panels, and the like.

Company talent, with a senior R & D design talent, business management personnel and production and processing personnel composed of senior team. The company's main equipment and technology from abroad to introduce, with the world's most advanced computer numerical control sheet metal processing equipment, Japan's automatic spraying production line and the Swiss gold horse automatic powder spray line. With the annual supply of curtain wall aluminum veneer 1.5 million square meters, metal honeycomb panels 300,000 square meters, aluminum ceiling 2 million square meters of capacity, product quality through the National Building Materials Testing Center.

China is the government recognized the high-tech enterprises, high-growth enterprises, standardized behavior of good enterprises, has access to "ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification", "China aluminum sheet industry top ten brands", "low carbon Green energy-saving environmental protection products "," national decoration key promotional products "," AAA quality service integrity enterprises "and other honors, is China's building materials, aluminum and plastic Association governing units, China Building Metal Structure Association member units. The company has a number of product patents, the successful commitment and implementation of a number of national science and technology development projects, was identified as some new Product national industry standard document drafting and development of units.

Huatu Shi enterprises to casting quality, innovation and technology, optimize the program, leading the industry as its mission, always adhere to the customer as the center, focus on brand value and professional technical services. The company has a sound after-sales service system to ensure timely and efficient to meet customer needs. Hua Road Shi gathered from all directions of the Magi, GUANG the world of friends, Yuanyuguangda friends work together for a better tomorrow!

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